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NOW Fiber Air: Making Metro Manila Future Ready, One Building at a Time.

For most enterprises, the speed of internet is directly proportional to the speed of business growth. It is no surprise that when fiber internet was introduced in the country, Filipino business owners rejoiced, thinking that this was the end of their internet woes. Unfortunately, their excitement turned to dismay upon discovering their enterprise is standing on ground that is not ready for fiber connection.

Most businesses and building owners have shrugged this off as a no choice situation. However, a growing number of enterprises have discovered a way to get fiber internet anywhere in Metro Manila right now.  If you can’t get it on ground, get fiber in the air.


Fiber Air Soars

Fiber Air, from Philippine Stock Exchange-listed firm NOW Corporation (PSE Ticker: NOW), is a wireless carrier-grade network using pre-5G technology. It provides guaranteed broadband internet connection that  can deliver up to 1Gbps in upload and download speeds simultaneously – meeting the demands of the modern digital economy.

NOW’s Fiber Air has grown expansively in the past year with 150 locations ready for connection all over Metro Manila.  For many businesses where fiber is too costly or not available, this quick-to-install wireless option is ready for set up in as fast as two weeks.  Moreover, NOW’s Fiber Air is a long-term investment because not only is it quick to set-up, it is also quick to dismantle. If the business moves location, the network goes with it.

The network covers a total of over 620 square kilometers and is compliant to service level agreements, ensuring all the client’s multimedia applications perform optimally.

Beyond the shift to a faster broadband internet connection, NOW’s Fiber Air unleashes opportunities in emergent areas for enterprises.  These include cloud computing, disaster recovery, easy online collaboration, big data and and video streaming, even high-definition 4K content.


Fiber Ready, Future Ready

With NOW’s Fiber Air, every building in Metro Manila is fiber ready.  For the brand, they can do more than provide the connection needs of building tenants at the present. The ultimate goal is to make each building future ready.

“Our question for property managers and real estate developers of today is if their infrastructure is ready? Are the cables ready? Are they compatible with a 200Mbps up to a 500Mbps network? Can their building handle the bandwidth requirements of the influx of devices used in a building to access the Internet at a single time?” said Kristian Pura, NOW’s head of business development.

In 2 to 3 years, Pura said people will soon have more than 3 connected devices at a time. If the building infrastructure is not prepared to handle these devices performing web-based, bandwidth heavy tasks simultaneously, they will be left behind.

NOW’s Fiber Air would allow a building to adjust its bandwidths easily to adapt to its tenants needs.  It  can be utilised either as a primary connection or as a secondary failover connection.  Pura explains that this is a way of giving back the control of the building to the property owners and developers.  In the future, they do have to be at the mercy of their internet providers.


Be Part of the Fiber Air Network NOW

There is no better time than now to join the Fiber Air network.   Aside from its pre-5G technology now covering the entire Metro Manila, the brand has a great offer for building owners.  If your building has ten (10) floors or up, you may be qualified to be part of the NOW Building Partner Program.

The NOW Building Partner Program provides recipients with complimentary high-speed bandwidth that provides guaranteed broadband connection.  This also unlocks access to technologies that are data dependent such as cloud computing, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, email and collaboration.

To check if your building is qualified for the program, the NOW Fiber Air team shall conduct a property survey to see if the technical specifications are met. In case the cabling network of your building requires an upgrade, NOW will provide a free assessment and help you connect with one of its worldwide expert partners with In-Building Solutions.

To avail of this amazing opportunity to be a NOW Building Partner, interested building owners can go to or email at

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The addition of NOW Network to our hospital operation has benefited our patients in more ways than we expected. With most hospital records, lab results and medical care documentation digitized, we were able to improve our speed and efficiency. Our patients are also provided broadband access via wi-fi hotspots so they can receive the emotional support they need by being connected with their loved ones 24/7 through video calls and social media.

Engr. Manuel L. Umali
IT Manager , Metropolitan Medical Center

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