IBM Lotus Admin — NOW Corporation

IBM Lotus Admin


  • Provide training and user support to the company and its customers in the use of computer software and hardware programs by performing duties such as diagnosing and resolving problem, demonstrating and explaining functions and providing suggestions on the work methods.
  • Ensure that computer workstation and servers are in proper operating conditions by performing duties such as re-installing an un-installing computer software programs, removing unnecessary files and folders, and re-configuring hardware and software;
  • Investigate computer hardware problems reported by the users; apply routing corrective measures such as restoring default hardware configurations and re-connecting system components such as external hard drives, printers, network LAN, network cabling and communication hubs;
  • Perform routine computer software maintenance tasks such as installing authorized company and Customer software application, software patches, updating anti-virus programs and scanning computers for viruses;
  • Conduct data backup and/or restoration as required in accordance with established procedures;
  • Monitor the LAN, network connections and other network services such as email and internet to
    ensure that they are operational;
  • Report any major software and hardware problems to the supervisor and recommend repairs;
  • Maintain elated records as required;
  • Support for the company and its customer the IBM Lotus Notes Client email software, and
    perform other related duties as required.