Investor Relations Program — NOW Corporation

Investor Relations Program

NOW Corporation adopts a comprehensive Investor Relations Program (IRP).  The department reports directly to the Office of the President and CEO and coordinates closely with the Finance and Legal Departments. The Program allows for a proactive communication between The Company and the investing public. 

The Company promotes the Investor Relation Program through the following methods:

    1.  Effective communication of NOW Corporation’s strategic direction
    2.  Proper and timely disclosures to regulatory bodies

    NOW Corporation, a Telecommunications, Media and Technology company, understands the ever-evolving state of technology, as well as the primary concerns and needs of the Philippine market. The company engages in consistent company disclosures in order to relay to the public the strategic directions that NOW wants to pursue.

    As a publicly listed company, part of the Investor Relations Program relates to the compliance with our regulatory bodies. We adhere and follow to the existing rules and regulations. We also comply to the requirements from both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine Stock Exchange. (PSE)

    We value our transparency to the public. The Company aims to provide the proper disclosures through the following avenues:

    1.  Annual Stockholders
    2.  Earnings Disclosures through Quarterly and Annual reports
    3.  Company Disclosures
    4.  Strategic Directions that would have an Impact to the Company 

    We encourage an active dialogue with the investing public. The Company also encourages pro-active, value-discussion with existing and potential investors through Investor/Analyst Briefings

    As we further expand our presence in the Philippine market, we understand the need to provide a more strengthened program for NOW Corporation’s Investors and Stakeholders. We ensure a more active role, as we continue to provide better service, and become a major catalyst in the Digital Transformation of the Filipino.

For Analysts and Investors, please contact the following:

Mr. Juan Miguel Honorico-Lopez
Head of Investor Relations
NOW Corporation
Unit 5-I, 5th Floor OPL Building, 100 C. Palanca Street corner Dela Rosa and Gil
Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Email Addresses: