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Managed Connectivity

Reinforcing Connectivity

At NOW Corporation, we redefine the standards for enterprise connectivity. We leverage our innovative and managed ICT solutions to provide enterprises with robust and reliable connections. Our services go beyond traditional boundaries, igniting potential and accelerating business growth in today’s digital age. With NOW Corporation, it’s not just about connectivity; it’s about embracing the future.

Revolutionize your Network

With NOW SD-WAN, your network becomes smarter. Routing decisions, traditionally limited and static, are now dynamic and application-specific. Experience unparalleled network intelligence that adapts to your business needs, optimizing performance for every application.

Unmatched Performance

Experience fewer disruptions with our solution that automatically detects and mitigates issues such as latency, packet loss, and jitter. Our system works proactively to prevent performance degradation, ensuring consistent and efficient operations.

Seamless Failover

Our SD-WAN solution guarantees instantaneous failover, a stark contrast to traditional networks where failover activation can take several seconds. This means minimal disruption, maintaining business continuity, and keeping your enterprise always connected.

Flexible and Simplified Traffic Shaping

With NOW SD-WAN, traffic shaping is not only flexible but also easily configurable per application. This means no more complex and tedious designs to manage your network traffic.

See It in Action

Interested in how NOW SD-WAN can revolutionize your enterprise network? Download our comprehensive e-flyer to learn more about our solution and its benefits.

Benefits of having a SD-WAN on your network

Features Without SD-WAN With SD-WAN
Network Maznagement Managed at Individual router level Centralized via an orchestrator
Routing Decisions Limited to packet header information Tailored for specific applications
Load Balancing Static and primitive Dynamic and Intelligent
Network Performance Manual intervention required for latency, packet loss and jitter Automatic detection and migration of network issues
Traffic shaping Complex and tedious to implement Easily configurable per application
Failover Takes seconds Instantaneous

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