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Reliable connection for a growing enterprise

An excellent Internet connection is necessary for any company to work efficiently. Our broadband services makes sure that there is no interruption in your daily operations. We have offered and provided wireless Fiber Internet to organizations that are large enough and have high demand from their customers and business relations:


  • Healthcare – excellent care for patients
  • Education – maximize development for students and faculty
  • Hospitality – surpass quality service for guests
  • Offices and BPOs – improve productivity in the workplace
  • Residential Buildings – better living experience for residents
  • Media – deliver timely and relevant news to the nation

Dependable Wireless Technology

Durable Equipment

A space-saving, industrial-strength dish antenna that withstands storms and supplies up to 700 Mbps of pure Fiber connection (upgradeable to 1Gb/sec).

Guaranteed Connection

Your connection is yours and yours alone – even when you’re not online. Enjoy decent online meetings, non-stop browsing and shorter file uploads.

Utmost Reliability

With 99.999% reliability for a stress-free connection.

1-Day Standard Installation

Install, configure, and connect. All in one day.

No Data Cap

There’s no limit to your chosen bandwidth. Get what you signed up for, every time.

24/7 Technical Support

Call, text, chat or email. We are all eyes and ears to make sure you get the most out of your Internet connection.

Equip your Building

Once a clear line of sight is established from your building to one of our hubs, a dish antenna will be installed to your rooftop. 

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Sell to your Tenants

Flexible Internet connection is readily available in your building. Enjoy the fast connection while supplying broadband to your tenants.

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Earn New Revenues

A revenue-sharing opportunity for qualified building partners. Multiply revenue streams and earn up to 50% commission.

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