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Network Infrastructure



The IoT and Network Infrastructure Service Category provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that help enterprises of all sizes build and manage smart, secure, and reliable networks.


Secured SD-WAN is a modern software technology that intelligently manages data traffic across multiple connections, optimizing application performance, reducing costs, and simplifying network management.

WAPs, Routers

These essential components—Wireless Access Points (WAPs), Switches, and Routers—manage, extend, and optimize connectivity across networks. They facilitate efficient data flow, enhance coverage, and ensure secure and reliable network performance.


IoT Edge computing is a type of computing that brings data storage and processing closer to the location where it is needed resulting in reduced latency. This is in contrast to traditional cloud computing, which stores and processes data in a central location, such as a data center.

ERP Suite &
Software Hub

Our ERP Suite is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline and optimize business processes, providing a comprehensive and integrated platform for seamless management of enterprise resources. Modules span across finance, human resources, supply chain, and more.

Business Continuity Planning
and Disaster Recovery

Ensure seamless business operations with our SaaS Backup Cloud and Unified Data Protection. Through our partners, our robust in-country and off-country data centers provide reliable data security and quick disaster recovery, keeping your operations resilient and uninterrupted.

Enterprise IT Hardware and
Passive Equipment

Equip your business with top-tier enterprise hardware, including laptops, desktops, stations, uninterruptible power supplies, hyper-converged infrastructure, and infrastructure servers. These critical components enhance operational efficiency, ensure power continuity, and support scalable, high-performance IT environments.